It is through YOUR support that we can provide programs, classes, and workshops for the community.
To pursue the projects that advance our mission, ECO relies on donations from institutions and individuals who support our vision for a peaceful and sustainable world.
Donated funds are used for:
  • Running leadership programs below cost to make it available to a larger audience
  • Supporting outreach activities
  • Developing campus facilities in the U.S. and around the world
Running Leadership Programs
With scholarship fund, ECO can provide programs below the cost and thereby make the program available for more candidate leaders. Our goal is to develop 1,200 leaders by 2017, and increase this number every year. Starting from 2017, we will expand our leadership program to high school students. We plan to host international youth leadership camp in the summer 2017 so that young people from all around the world can work together and discover that there are common goals and causes they can serve together beyond any ethnic and/or cultural differences.
Supporting Community Actions
The success of ECO’s effort depends largely on the maintained activities of the leaders in their local communities when they return after the training. To ensure continued support, ECO provides follow up education, and organize central/regional events and activities.
Developing Training Facilities
To make this training and education available to a large audience, ECO is developing training facilities in Northern Arizona. The development model includes ECO Farm, tiny houses for accommodation, and learning center building. We already opened the first ECO Learning Center in Cottonwood Arizona and plan to expand the system to other locations in the U.S. and overseas. Our goal is to open 100 ECO Learning Centers globally by 2020.

You can donate online at https://earthcitizens.org/donation, or by mailing a check to ECO: 340 Jordan Rd. Sedona, AZ 86336.